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Your most vital information, now at your fingertips.

Being a Human Resource professional is no easy task. HUMIN is the quintessential app that you need, packed with the most original and modern features that simplify your herculean task.

HUMIN as a human resource management app helps post instant notifications, informing your employees in times of emergencies or other communication from the management.

Let your employees avail their reimbursements in a stipulated time period. Manage their reimbursement portfolio in the form of an interactive dashboard.

Tracking leave record of an employee is now a cakewalk. HUMIN enable you to footmark every employee’s monthly and yearly leave, notifying when one has surpassed his/her quota.

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Update information about all your employees.

Be the doyen of employee information, only with HUMIN. Every employee is unique. With this HR app, ensure you know their every aspect, right from their birthdays to their most recent achievements.

Under the profile section, collate every employee’s personal and family details, that’s new and updated. Know their health concern via their healthcare data. Fill in their bank information to ensure timely and healthy banking transactions.

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Transmit all official communication, effortlessly.

Communication is the key to a team’s success. HUMIN values the importance of an open and unbiased communication. Make this HRMS app the point of contact for all your essential communication purposes.

Using the dashboard, one can upload notices in real-time. Once uploaded here, the information sails smoothly to the app, reaching every employee. A one-to-one communication is good, but a one-to many is much better. Through the app, send one-to-one, one-to-many messages, besides send one-to-department and one-to-organization messages in times of urgency.

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Your employees will never miss any crucial notification from you.

The HR mobile application provides quick and accurate information dismisses confusion and ushers clarity.

Let every significant piece of information reach your employee unfiltered through the HUMIN app. How? It will help you to schedule all important events and post about it via push notifications.

Whether there’s a bank holiday ahead or the office is shut due to turbulent rains, pass on every bit of news through exclusive control and customization features, only with HUMIN app.

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Receive reimbursement messages from employees. Update them on their approval or rejection.

Reimbursing employees is now a five-finger exercise. Using the HUMIN app, an employee can send his reimbursement request instantly. With this employee management app, all one has to do is to fill a few a few blanks and attach the bill.

Once uploaded, the employee can check the status of the reimbursement request, whether it is approved, rejected or is pending. The app supports reimbursement request for food, travel, petrol and varied other types of expenses incurred.

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Employee Leave Management

Employees can review their leave history and check their leave status on approval.

Facing dilemma in retrieving the time-offs and leaves availed by employees in the past? Ditch multiple spreadsheets and software. Use HUMIN, the unbeaten leave management software that you need.

Drop a leave request. If approved by the manager, your request shall turn green, on rejection it will turn red. Besides, one can track his/her leave history, monthly and yearly, and know if they have exhausted their quota of leaves or still have some in their kitty.

We’ve made requesting and approving leaves easy. HUMIN app gives flexibility to managers to manage leaves on their mobile phones, uncomplicating the lengthy process in a matter of seconds.

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Attendance and Time Tracking

Check-in and Check-out, now as simple as ABC

Not everything that’s brilliant is difficult to use. HUMIN app gives you the power to monitor attendance of employees, letting you know every employee’s whereabouts.

Next time your employees go for a site visit, they do not need to worry about their biometric attendance. With HUMIN app at one’s disposal, one can check-in and check-out via the app wherever they go.

Besides, time tracking is made easy for you. Know exactly how many office hours an employee completes, or save another from a possible burnout due to overtime. Keep your team hail and hearty.

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Employees can stay up-to-date with their organization’s information.

Whether your company is shifting to a new workspace or an employee has achieved an extraordinary feat, update every news that matters. The HUMIN app has a mammoth storage capacity to hold every detail of your company.

Not limiting it here, the app allows all your employees to view this valuable information. On the go or in the office, keep your team acquainted daily.

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HR rules and regulations

Get constant access to rules and regulations. Check for updates regularly.

A stable access to work rules and regulations is paramount to an HR. But not when one has to go through a stack of files, a tedious and time-consuming task. HUMIN streamlines your access to the standard set of rules and other guidelines within seconds.

Keep a tab on the probation period of new entrants, or record leaves of existing employees. Work rules and other criteria can be uploaded on the platform, and an HR can go back to them whenever the need arises.

With a million other things to juggle with, HUMIN is a boon for every Human Resource personnel.

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