Top 4 Apps every HR professional should use in 2019

Every HR manager/expert is now changing as a strategic partner in the firm, seeing as how they complete a wide variety of tasks from hiring to performance management. To make that happen, they require HR software and HR applications to enable them to get the most extreme yield in this universe of digitization.

Listed below are 4 apps that every HR professional should use to keep their work handy.

  • 1. Mettl

    Mettl is an online assessment platform used to conduct different tests and evaluate potential candidates. It gives content across psychometric assessments, inclination tests, and IT/Non-IT domain tests, alongside a SaaS platform to direct secure online assessments. It empowers associations to hire by taking credible individuals on the basis of two key areas: Hiring and Development.

    Facial and keystroke design recognition innovation confirm the individual that has been marked in is the individual they say they are, and the system records both the test-taker (through the webcam) and the test-taker’s screen all through the test.

  • 2. HUMIN

    HUMIN is an exhaustive app, specially designed to cater to the varied requirements of Human Resource personnel. Being an HR Management Software, its dual nature - of serving the needs of the employees and the administrative department - makes it a unique application.

    An HR personnel can easily deliver key messages to all the employees in real time. All you need to do is upload the notice on the dashboard and it will be carried to the app, displayed to all employees. In doing so, it maintains accuracy.

    Thus, the app converts itself into a channel of communication between the employee and the top brass of the organization, directly and efficiently.

  • 3. Belong

    Belong is tied in with helping individuals achieve their desired job effortlessly, an occupation that they not only deserve but also love doing. It works generally by cross-referencing the job demands and required characteristics of the organization with those on the interests and qualities of the potential representatives. Along these lines, it is a win-win circumstance for both the organization and the to-be-representative.

    By concentrating on outbound hiring, Belong negates the requirement for depending on CVs, which may be fudged or out-dated or similar to other candidates. Its "curated search engine" matches profiles across all social hiring platforms, returning with just the best-coordinating candidates for the organization.

    Besides, Belong has, as of late, presented a first of its kind algorithm that can help organizations in hiring quality experts for sales and advertising jobs across technology, hospitality, FMCG, pharma, insurance, and finance.

    As a splendid application for an HR professional, the item ceaselessly searches for technically-healthy applicants one by one, helping save several working hours.

  • 4. Rescue Time

    Rescue Time is an extremely time-sparing software for individuals who invest a great deal of energy in their PCs and frequently end up on social websites. Its application gives you the access to break down your doings on a PC by the days end and learn from your shortcomings. These daily improvements would eventually enable a user to spend time more effectively on a PC.

    HR officials, who spend most of their time on the web, crawling through sites searching for potential customers, can use this application.

    You can screen the time spent on different categories of websites namely – Communications, Business, News, Social Media, Software Development, Entertainment and so on.