Things to put on your HR portal

A human resource portal ( HR portal ) is a way where employees of a company can access HR-related and other necessary information about their company. HR Portals are interactive and dynamic and are made to function according to the benefits of the workplace and employees. The main goal of an HR portal is to streamline information properly so that it becomes easy for the employees to find what they need. Employees are provided with their login credentials to access company information so therefore HR portals are secured in a way. A company can save a lot of time and money by reducing printing costs and manual work which is involved in enrollment details, payrolls and other things involved in a company. HR portal is the best way to keep the HR department and other employees of a company connected. This also helps the HR department in many ways as employees can find the information they need on the portal itself, they do not need to get involved in everything.

Onboarding and Introduction Information

When a new employee is being appointed for the company, its really difficult to remember everything about the onboarding person. HR portal can be a good place to store all the necessary information about the new employee and other people in the company can also refer to that information if they need it. It can also be a place where new employees can refresh themselves with the information about their team and the company.

Company’s Values

The HR portal could be an excellent spot to conspicuously show your company values so all workers are frequently reminded of ‘the method we have a tendency to do things around here’. You don’t have to be compelled to limit it to a run of the boring list either. Why not make it associate interactive feature and encourage employees to post samples of however they see their colleagues ‘living’ the values within the course of their regular work? It’s an efficient way to share stories of all the superb work that’s happening and to form a true feel-good environment among employees.

Benefits and Entitlements

HR Portal is a place which includes information about benefits and fringe benefits for the company’s employees like retirement plan information, maternity and paternity leave benefits, festive leaves, wellness incentives, medical insurance provided by the company, discount programs and annual leave procedure. This is a place where employees can interact freely with the HR department via messaging to clarify doubts which they have.

Fun and Social Activities

Work shouldn’t simply be a tough grind. If you’re to keep employees actuated and engaged you would like to possess some fun additionally. Use your HR portal to post news regarding celebrations, company outings and native events you’ll be supporting. Create it an interactive feature by encouraging employees to come forward if they’re curious about running activities or classes. Somebody might want to line up associate after-work reading or music class, for instance, otherwise you could realize there’s interest in an exceedingly lunch-time yoga session or running group. Losing the ‘family feel’ of the first days is an issue typically visaged by growing SMEs, creating area for the social aspect of work will facilitate to keep up the community spirit the business started with.