How HR Can Use an Employee App at Every Stage of the Employee Life Cycle?

Technology is needed by everyone at every stage in an organisation, from managing tasks to completing your deadline, from the hiring process to retiring from the organisation. Employees are the most important part of any organisation without them customer requirements cannot be fulfilled, services can’t be provided, products can’t be made. Digital transformation in the form of new technologies and mobile communication is playing a vital role at work. Nowadays, apps are not only used for internal communication among the employees in the organisation but are also tailored to handle many HR services. Employee apps help to increase employee engagement, enhance transparency among them and also helps to improve the work task of various clients.

Searching for talented employees

When it comes to hiring the correct and talented employees for the organisation, an employee app usually serves as the perfect advertisement for the organisation. Through this app, the advertisement will be visible to many people around the globe. Also, it will prove that the organisation believes in providing its employees with an amazing experience. To search for the talented employee, recruitment teams are expected to be one of the most innovative teams with the responsibility of finding the perfect match to support the company’s requirements. An employee app can benefit the employee, as well as an HR professional in many ways like through this app HR can provide information about the company to the employees even before they join the company. A new employee can receive all important news, forms, announcement where they have the ability to even post a comment, like or share the piece of information which is a great way to introduce themselves to other employees of the company.

Performance Management

Likewise, with many employee management functions, businesses are currently exploiting on the web HR innovation stages that enable them to do their work all the more effectively streamlining the presentation of the executive’s procedure. Most of the time, online performance management tool enables bosses to all the more adequately assess and record employee’s execution, just as giving a spot to supervisors and workers alike to monitor hierarchical and individual execution objectives, record journal entries and keep up a progressive performance record. These stages will, in general, be increasingly effective among bigger associations, for the most part since little and medium-sized organizations feel the cost is restrictive.

Tracking Time and Attendance

An employee app is an online platform that simplifies and streamlines the whole recruitment process – from sourcing to choosing the employee – by granting permission to recruiters and representatives to flawlessly coordinate each phase of the procedure all from one electronic system, dispensing with the endless paperwork of customary enrolling. Each application is different, yet most will incorporate access to an online resume database, computerized employing work processes, correspondence abilities, and reporting devices. HR invests an enormous measure of energy in administrative work. These procedures can be incorporated into your employee application, permitting you with more opportunity for what you’d preferably be doing: Talking to your workers.

Onboarding process

Onboarding is a very critical stage where new hires get adjusted to their new job within any company. This is the process where new hires learn about the attitudes, knowledge, behaviours, skills, expectations required to give their best performance to function effectively within an organisation. It’s HR responsibility to make new hires feel welcomed and make them ready for their new roles, the faster they learn everything and be successful in contributing to the organisation’s mission the better it is for the organisation. An employee app helps to automate the onboarding process which saves paper and a lot of time. Through employee app, HR takes initiatives and help new hires to feel right at home.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is one of the greatest details in an association’s spending limit. Handling finance can likewise be a standout amongst the most tedious parts of an organisation’s HR capacities, and when it’s not done right it can likewise be the wellspring of some genuine employee complaints. Payroll process through employee apps can help minimize errors and also reduce the time it takes to process payroll by an HR. The app automatically syncs deductions if an employee has taken any leaves and contributes each pay cycle properly, so you don’t have to manage the whole process manually. The app tackles all aspects of the payroll process including process payroll, automating payroll taxes and much more.

Training your staff

An app allows you to train your employees properly to create an alternative knowledge culture among them. The app enables you to upload training videos, content related to the brand, marketing strategies, upcoming events and launches related to the brand and important updates concerning the brand to guarantee that your employees are always well informed and updated at all times. An app also allows you to store information related to different clients ensuring that employees are briefed properly regarding the brand and are up-to-date all the time which will further help to enhance the customer experience as well. These apps provide employees with convenient options to train themselves properly and develop their workforce skills and abilities to meet the client’s requirements. An employee app helps the organisation when an older employees exit the workplace than a new employee can fill their shoes faster as all the required information related to the project which he is being assigned is already available in the app.

Help Employees

Employees have certain basic needs: records, contact data, daily plans, coffee. With an application, the majority of this winds up digitalised and accessible immediately. With these applications, the majority of your employee’s contact details can be made accessible, including emergency contacts details which might be needed sometimes. Shift updates can be imparted momentarily and sent with a receipt confirmation demand. Reports put in the application are open from all over the place, and any data that is required immediately can be sent through pop-up messages. With your whole organization in the application, your workforce can successfully manage everything itself.