Increase in Productivity
Increase in Productivity
Man Hours Saved
Man Hours Saved
Increase in Profits
Increase in Profits
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What is HUMIN

A simplified HR management software that customizes itself to your needs.

HUMIN is an exhaustive app, specially designed to cater to the varied requirements of Human Resource personnel. Being an HR Management Software, its dual nature - of serving the needs of the employees and the administrative department - makes it a unique application.

An HR personnel can easily deliver key messages to all the employees in real time. All you need to do is upload the notice on the dashboard and it will be carried to the app, displayed to all employees. In doing so, it maintains accuracy.

Thus, the app converts itself into a channel of communication between the employee and the top brass of the organization, directly and efficiently.

Human Resource Management System Software
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A secure platform that lets you check-in from anywhere.


A complete solution, dispensable at all times.


Portable, the app lets you to check-out without a hitch.


Apply for leaves via the app in real time.

Request leave

Make leave requests clearly and quickly.
Get notified on approval.

Leave history

Track the leave record of an employee on a monthly basis.

Leave history

Keep a handy and precise record of the yearly leave quota.

Request Reimbursement

Seek your reimbursement in a few steps.

Reimbursement history

Get the entire allowance history in one place.

Customized features for enhanced productivity

How HUMIN can value-add to you, your employee and your organization.
For the employee

For the employee

Going on a site visit?
Don’t bother yourself for a mere muster roll. Now check-in and check-out via the HUMIN app.

For the HR

For the HR

Forget the display board.
Upload notices on the HUMIN app.
Get them delivered quickly to all employees.

For the organization

For the organization

When both the wheel of the axil - the employee and the admin department - are working in perfect harmony, your company is sure to race ahead.

Employee Database Management Software

Discover unlimited possibilities

A single, integrated window to all your data management needs. Human Resource management simplified, with HUMIN.
  • Mobile Compatible: HUMIN is an app that operates seamlessly across multiple devices. The HRMS software is android and ios compatible.
  • Stores all your data in an encrypted cloud database: Using this Human Resource Management System Software, upload, share and store all documents and data in a secure cloud database. Retrieve any information whenever you want.
  • Saves paperwork: Give a full stop to the endless amount of paperwork. Go digital. Salary slips, notices, KYC details and many more. Upload them all online.
  • Simple and convenient: An interactive User Interface makes it super smooth to navigate and browse through the app. The interactive design makes it easy to locate and share documents.
  • Time-saving: Communicate vital news and via HUMIN, make it your point of contact for accurate and real-time communication.

Why will you love HUMIN?

An app that powers companies to preserve healthy teams and deliver projects at warp speed.
A gem of an app

An all star app

Track all your HR data in an uncomplicated and uncluttered manner. With HUMIN, it is a piece of cake to customize settings according to your needs. A wide array of solutions save your time and money, enhancing your output.

Organize and store, effortlessly

Organize and store, effortlessly

Helpful to employees and employers alike, HUMIN has a jumbo, encrypted cloud database to store all your data in a confidential manner. Retrieve any document at any point in time, without technical glitches.

Real time and accurate

Real-time and accurate

Create real-time and accurate notifications for your organization. Browser-friendly, HUMIN works just the same across various devices. The app an edge is its mobile compatible design.

App Screen

We have blended the right codes and the right design to give you a user-friendly app with easy-to-navigate features.
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What our clients say

We partner our clients in their mission. Here’s what they say about our alliance with them.
Harsh WaghelaManager

I found HUMIN a very user-friendly app. It has features which help me to organize and manage data in a very clear and orderly manner. As an HR, now I’m able to communicate with employees in an efficient way and spend less time on paperwork!

Priya KaleCo-founder

I take this opportunity to express my pleasure using the HUMIN app that has simplified my task as an HR. The dashboard of the app is absolutely easy to navigate and you can access all your information whenever you want. I highly recommend this app to all human resource management professionals.

Shane MatthewDirector

We switched from paper to digital using HUMIN and I must say that integrating this app into our organization was the best decision. The app has increased our work productivity by its quick and easy leave and reimbursement management system. It is a boon to us, we would continue using this profitable app.

Vijay NairCEO

The best HR app ever! This app works smoothly, no technical glitches, easy navigation. The cloud storage is big and encrypted, so I'm ensured that there isn’t any data theft. I can easily keep a track of employee attendance and other activities, that too in real-time.

Aamir SyedHR manager

HUMIN app is like a platform that helps you to communicate with your employees in an effortless way. The notification feature allows me to send quick messages to employees in times of emergency. Moreover, I can communicate the rules of the company with them via regular updates too.


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